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May 12, 2012
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AoV: Doctor Theodore by eldendgha AoV: Doctor Theodore by eldendgha
Note: These are things that one would know by either looking at Theodore, or asking around the school for rumors.

Name: Theodore ? (no last name given)
Nicknames: Theo & Doc
Age: 37
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220lbs
Haircolor: Light brown, blond highlights, and a bit of noticeable gray.
Eyecolor: Amber
Build: Large, muscular but only lightly toned.
Complexion: Natural tan.

Appearance Facts: Tends to favor either sweater-vests or a labcoat depending on the day. He wears very thick glasses; and always slightly scruffy, but well kept. Theodore has something of a 'dad' look to him, like Ned Flanders and Mister Rogers gone very wrong. Also keeps a dark brown leather suitcase that looks like it belongs in a thrift store. He also tends to have a very sterile scent to him, like antiseptic.

Personality: Most anyone in the academy would say that the doctor is somewhat 'different', and can at times adopt a rather mercurial temperament. Some students would attest to his very paternal behavior, while others seem haunted by displays of the man's capacity to be sadistic.

History: Where did he come from, you ask? He doesn't seem overly interested in the topic. Theo does seem rather fond of subjects involving SCIENCE, torture devices, and most curious of all, dreams. He came into employment recently with the Academy, and all that's really known is he pines to instruct the 'Mad Science 101' classes- but has settled for instruction in Inhumane Experimentation and Abnormal Biology/Anatomy courses. For now. Maybe someone should tell him that killing your competition and wearing their skin won't work. Not that he'd do that. Right?

Likes: Science, coffee, sweater vests, schadenfreude, puns, dreams, singing, .... obnoxious hollywood brats :|
Dislikes: Rich sweets, teenagers, hot days, festivities, pet names, and heavy metal, vanity, big stupid hair, people WHO ACT OH SO IMPORTANT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, men who smell like girls not that I'm implying anyone specific here, NOISY SHOES, obnoxious hollywood brats....*inhale*

(( Credit: textures are from: [link] & [link] ))
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Lozey Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Has there been any assignments lately after the silhouette one?
I don't come on much anymore, and I constantly delete a l of my deviantwatch messages so I wouldn't exactly know.
OneLastHowl Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student General Artist
(jellal ; O-O nice sweater ...)
OneLastHowl Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student General Artist
Jellal : *knockes on the door , entering with his dark aura "' E Excuse me , Is ...are you Doctor Theodore ? * he seemed nervous , and scared
eldendgha Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
Theodore: The lab as of lately, looks a bit upside down. Like someone shook the box the lab sat in and then left it as a mess.

The good doctor was in, though! And cleaning up some of the mess. A radio off to the side was gently playing some Peggy Lee as he hummed along. Sweep-sweep! The new voice caught his attention, head lifting to see who might be at the door.

"Ah- hola?" His voice was very pleasant! Theodore took out a handkerchief to wipe off spots from his glasses. "Can I help you?" :> He didn't seem offput by the dark aura, offering Jellal a smile.
OneLastHowl Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Jella was relieved to see a friendly face . He may be from the darkest Dorm of the school , but he was secertly a big softy . He walked in , and bowed " I I , am Jellal , Doctor , I am a late student , I just wanted to know if I have work to catch up " he spoke as if he was in military , a habit he has when he was not sure how to adress a person .
Lozey Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pardon me, I've been away for awhile and I just got my tablet back.
Is there any assignments for this class yet?
eldendgha Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
Yes, it was posted just a bit ago! <3

Lozey Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
Akul666 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hanji: The thin librarian thought it wise to finally make his way out of the library after all there was so much of the school he had yet to see and it would be wise to meet the other staff members other then then head master. He had gained so much distanced from the Library though that he began to worry if he should go back but before he could had seemed to gain the attention of another person in the hall with him with his fine trail of glitter he couldn't seemed to lose from cleaning it up in the library a few days prior.
eldendgha Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Theodore: The fellow had just finished setting some order to his laboratory- not that it had many opportunities to fall out of it. Having just locked the classroom and standing in the hallway, he grasped his briefcase in both hands and held it before him while staring down either end of the hall like he was uncertain of where to go. Until a ...a glittery blond...?... stalked down the hallway. "..q..qué?" Was it contagious? "Are you alright?"
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